About us

Bitcom payment as a Global and Major China Payment Gateway. We do the best to increase the revenue of the Merchant by investing its core competencies to Merchants by Introducing the e-payment services.Strategic partnership with UnionPay to deliver secure, reliable and real time online payment solution to clients globally.

A regional and leading online payment solution provider.

Our Headquarter office and R&D center is located in China which is aggressively expanding to Asia Pacific markets. We setup customer services and professional 7x24 technical supporting team in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Provide professional payment services and electronic payment platform which develop various payment channels.

Design and build up a specific solution according to customers' requirements

We work for you

We evaluate the risk level for each business type based on chargeback history and other fraud evaluation methods to determine where we want to place the merchant. We value the long-term relationship and would rather take more time and resources to place good merchants on better solutions that won't be at the same level of risk as other bad merchants.